A high quality translation is essential, among other things, to strengthen and improve the image of your company. Our translations are precise, accurately reflect the original, and are perfectly adapted to the cultural environment to which they are directed, whatever the field and type of project may be.       


            We have experienced project managers who constantly monitor the status of each job, from when it is received until it is returned to the client.


            Furthermore, we guarantee you will save time and money, thanks to the use of modern software applications, such as translation memories. We can also take care of your desk top publishing (DTP) projects; we turn in the translated and reviewed documents in the desired format.


            In case you need to market your product in various countries, we deal with covering all the linguistic needs involved and we adapt to your needs in order to offer you a personalized solution.


            You can expect from us a professional translation, done by native translators, experts in specific topics, who work together with our engineers to ensure a quality final product. We take care of everything.


            To summarize, our basic services are the following:


-        Translations of all types of documents

-        Proofreadings (linguistic or format style or desk top publishing)

-        Projects in various languages

-        Creation of specific terminology for each client

-        Translation of web pages, etc.